Kurt Elder

Kurt Elder MSW, CPT, Marina del Rey, CA, Fitness Consultant and owner of Energy F/X Fitness Consultants, www.energyfxfitness.com"

“It’s refreshing to work with a true professional in this day and age of sound bites and shallow quick fixes.  The energy, focus, and commitment Dr. Elizabeth embodies is evident in even the most casual of conversations.  Just being in her presence makes you want to step up to be your best.  She is not only a teacher and guide, she is the lighthouse on this journey we call life.  We are all here for a purpose, live yours to the fullest.  Thanks Dr. Elizabeth for helping me free myself of all the “baggage” that was slowing me down."  


Kari NouhanKari Nouhan, NY, NY  Marketing, Sales, Brand Entertainment Expert

"Working with Dr Elizabeth is one of the most remarkable experiences I've ever had.  I live on the east coast and when we speak the spiritual energy 
that comes through, it feels as if she is sitting right next to me.  During one of our sessions, when she whispered to me, I felt a tenderness next to my cheek and ear, as if it were her breath. Dr Elizabeth's intuitiveness and words of wisdom have given me tremendous strength and courage to face some difficult moments and decisions. This woman is remarkable with her guidance! She has been truly blessed and I am truly blessed to know her and have her in my life.



Cathy Teresa Tieri, Santa Monica, CA, Marathon Athlete, Mother and C0-Owner of Bravo Pizzeria"L.A.Marathon.3

“ Dr. Elizabeth is an incredibly inspiring individual in many ways.  She always brings beautiful energy and great spirit each time we engage.  I aspire to maintain my heart, mind and body with the same care and tenacity as Dr. Elizabeth.   Rarely have I met a woman who can hold a vision and a space for the rest of us as she does.”





Willie fireman shot"Willie Spencer, Los Angeles, CA, Fire Fighter LAFD"

“Dr. Elizabeth Lambaer has been a true inspiration to me. She reminded me of my purpose in my career and her words changed how I choose to “show up” in life. Not only have her words directly affected me, but, she indirectly affects all the people I come in contact with. My interactions with people have been transformed for the better. I am very thankful for her.”





"Stacey and Francisco Martinez, Pasadena, CA, Founders and Directors of The Dance Family Studio, logo_rounded_edgeswww.thedancefamily.com

“Knowing Dr. Elizabeth for almost two decades, she has always been about others.  She listens intently, gives generously, and now she is living intentionally.  Many may not know her background that she has a D.D.S. She was an incredibly accomplished woman prior to her current work.  Now it’s easy to see she’s using and working in her God given gifts.  She is a natural encourager, inspirer, and purposeful visionary.  She is now dedicating herself and her work to helping others. She is able to give from a place that comes so naturally to her… She is a truly remarkable woman.  We love her. We’re so proud to call her friend.  And we’re so thrilled to see her operate in her uniquely given talents.  She is truly one of a kind.”


Elle Drake

"Elle Drake, Founder and Host of BraveHeartTV"

"Dr Elizabeth Lambaer is Youthful, Sensual and Wise!  It is an absolute pleasure having her as a guest on our show!"




Jonas Luca Metini, Los Angeles,CA /Gothenburg, Sweden   Real Estate ConsultantJonas Metini Testimonial Photo

 "Dr Elizabeth, my friend, you look better than most women half your age.  Your positive thinking and positive aura, along with your diet and exercise are an inspiration to everyone around you.  Rock on!" 






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