Copy of Private Coaching

Dr Elizabeth offers private and group coaching

Dr. Elizabeth has helped thousands of individuals achieve their life’s goals and dreams.  She assists people in achieving their ideal weight and body size, manifesting the ideal intimate relationship, achieving massive success in their dream career and financial freedom.  Most importantly, Dr Elizabeth has guided people to feel alive, passionate and enthusiastic in their life and comfortable in their own skin.  

The thing she hears most with clients is, “I can’t feel my life.” or “I can’t manifest the dreams that are in my heart.”  One of the greatest gifts her clients receive is amazing improvements in ALL areas of their lives.  As Dr Elizabeth is so often heard saying, “Small Changes = Miraculous Results.”   With her unique and specialized techniques, as her clients shift in one area of their lives, they reap remarkable results in every other area of their lives as well.  


Coaching topics:

Weight Loss and Ideal Body Size and Shape

Food- How to Eat for LIFE  

How to Go Vegan/Plant Based/Raw Vegan

How to Have More Energy, Passion & Enthusiasm for Your Life

Career Success 

Manifesting Your Ideal  Intimate Partnership

Financial Abundance


Coaching Rates:

Single Session:  $295/session


6 Sessions: $275/session ($1,650.00 total)

12 Sessions: $250/session  ($3,000.00 total)

18 Sessions: $225/session ($4,050.00 total)

24 Sessions: $200/session ($4,800.00 total)

 Note: all sessions expire after 60 days. No refunds or exchanges allowed

Student Scholarships:

I offer special scholarships at reduced rates for students.  Please message me and ask about these programs.