"Hello...Your Life is Calling!" Coaching Program- The Next Chapter💜

Hello My Loves~

Congratulations, I'm so proud of YOU! You showed up for YOURSELVES in a HUGE way, the past 4 weeks, as I walked you through the process of connecting with your intuition and the deeper aspects of yourself.

It is a courageous journey you have embarked on and you are a Powerful Warrior Goddess (and I don't say that lightly) Most people don't realize that change takes courage, it is far easier to stay stuck and complain about what is, but YOU have made the commitment to be the Most Amazing Version of YOURSELF... And, the best part of that decision is the incredible Life that awaits you.

Many of you have been watching my Instagram daily LIVE videos during Quarantine. You've showed up for the first month of our group coaching program and traveled through a process that may seem and feel quite foreign and unusual. However, continuing down this road will most surely lead you to the Life of Your DREAMS... I am most definitely living proof of that. 

You see, I can lead you on this journey because I've traveled this road myself. This life of incredible joy, love, abundance, radiance at any age, health, vitality and ultimate freedom that you see me living, is the direct result of this work I share with you and the clearing, healing and manifesting processes I lead you through in our sessions together.  As you've heard me say on my LIVE VIDEOS, it's a process, and, like any other process such as learning a language, getting and staying in shape or establishing a healthy lifestyle, it takes time... but it is most definitely worth it. 

I am inviting you to continue this journey with me. In this next month, we will dive deeper into the clearing process AND begin the manifestation process (that's when the real fun and excitement begins!) 

I hope you will join me, I promise you, a deeper, richer, more abundant, healthier, stronger, more powerful and radiant version of yourself awaits! Let's do this together💜



Start Date:      Tuesday, July 7th, 2020

Time:               8:30am PST

Duration:         4 weeks 

Investment:     $444 (This course will now be $895 for all new students, but I am maintaining the special price of $444 I offered you in June) 

QUESTIONS:  If you have any questions for me, feel free to email me at: Speaker@DrElizabeth.com Put "PROGRAM QUESTIONS" in the subject and I will personally respond. 

TO PAY: Because of this special price of $444, (the course is now $895 for new students) please via Venmo (for those in the US) Contact me for payment arrangements for those outside the US.

I look forward to seeing you all in July! xo